Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

• Promoting your brand service via an email where the sender has given you permission to send you an email.
• Its essentially any email in a company sends out to people but there are few approaches to it.
• Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through electronic mail (email). Often associated with data mining, email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways. In general, email marketing is a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing.
• Email marketing is also known as direct email marketing.


How does email work?


[email protected]>>[email protected]

when email is sent from [email protected] Gmail checks the domain of recipient (yahoo) and here it passes through 2 spam filter mechanism.

If gmail>>gmail then 1 spam filter ( local delivery)

If gmail>>yahoo then 2 spam filter( foreign delivery)

Best platform for email marketing

  • Aweber
  • Send grid
  • Constant contact
  • Get response
  • MailChimp

2 types of email marketing

  • Legit (permission marketing): collect emails and building lists.
  • Illegit (spamming): you buy a list and send bulk emails.


 Seven elements of email marketing

1 – Compelling Subject Line
  • You’ll either WIN or LOSE at the subject line
  • 5 words – 35 characters are the goal

Beg to be opened, Make it personal (WII-FM)

  • Open a loop with an open statement or question
  • “Now you can…”, “7 reasons why…”, “This is how…”, “Here’s way…”, “About your…”, “At last…”
  • Use ellipsis point at the end of subject line…
  • Nobody cares about your company name…at first

Words to avoid in the subject line:

Buy, Discount, Free, Maximize, Money, Opportunity, New, Power, Profit, Powerful, Investments, Special


2 – First Opening Paragraph
  • Avoid the “Dear ______”
  • Identify who you are and establish the report
  • Two sentences max.
  • Ask them to write something down or Check all that apply
  • End with bullets
  • Make them say: “I feel like I know you”


3 – Stay on Point
  • Inverted pyramid – important info first
  • Short and Sweet
  • People are busy, don’t waste their time
  • Put instructions for opting out at the end
4 – Just one message
  • Lead your reader with one intended message
  • No Multi-topic email
  • Half page format preferred
  • Links to more if needed
  • Readers have a short attention span(3 to 8 seconds)


5 – Provide Value
  • Reward readers for their undivided attention
  • Provide useful Info and Facts (real & interesting)
  • Did you know that…
  • 1 out of 5 visitors does this…


6 – The Benefit
  • Not enough to say what the offer is……you need to demonstrate how it benefits them (what’s in it for me?)
  • Try our complimentary [service/product/item] for a week…so that you can [benefit to them]
7 – Call to Action
  • Tell the prospect what to do next
  • Request a consultation today!
  • Toll: call 1-800-…. (notice I didn’t use “toll-free”)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Go to:
  • Offer multiple options to take action
  • Add a “PS:” before your signature (usually read first)
  • PS: Call today because


How Do People get to Your Site?

  • Google Adwords (pay per click)
  • Organic searches (Website Optimization)
  • Referrals
  • Blogs and News Articles
  • Listings and Association directories
  • Email Signature (too often overlooked)
  • Brochures
  • Advertisement in Magazines
  • Email marketing
  • (can generate 90% of traffic that sticks to your site)


This is how people read emails

  1. Okay, who sent me emails today?

Curious and eager to receive and read emails

  1. I’m busy and I have just enough time to read the good


They scan for a) personal stuff b) important business emails c) other emails that they have time to read

  1. Let me delete all the junk mail so that it doesn’t clutter up my inbox

They are inundated with commercial emails and free newsletters– and their forefinger is positioned on the trigger, ready to click on delete in a rapid motion

  1. My inbox is a private and personal space, and I don’t want strangers and salespeople invading my privacy

Their inbox is a sacred place and they are protective of it, inviting only friends, relatives, colleagues and select business acquaintances to enter

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Email Marketing

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