Making Money Via AdSense And Blogging

What is AdSense?

Google Ad-sense is a simple way for the website publisher of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

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How does Ad-sense work?

  • Apply for an Ad Sense account at
  • Once approved by Google login into your AdSense account and choose the type of ads units to be displayed on your websites.
  • Generate ad codes
  • Choose placement of ad units to be displayed specify where you want ads to appear and paste the ad code

How you get paid?

  • Google gets paid on the pay per click and pays per impression
  • So Google pays on your accordingly on PPC and PPM
  • Depending on the type of ad that you are running on the website

Tricks to get Ad-sense account approved


How do you earn with AdSense?

Whenever somebody clicks one of the links appearing in the Ad-sense ad you earn some money. This amount is not fixed; it depends on how much the advertiser is paying to Google for that click. Per click, it may not seem like a significant amount but once your website or blog begins to generate thousands of clicks you can earn lots of money. So the key to making lots of Ad-sense money is, generate lots of relevant content so that relevant ads are displayed.


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Advantages of using AdSense

• Easy money if you have lots of content and lots of traffic.
• Targeting happens on its own.
• No third parties are involved.
• You can use it from the day one of publishing your content.
• A good interface for managing your ads and ad formats.
• There is practically no cost involved.

Disadvantages of using AdSense.

• Very difficult to make good money because you need to generate lots of clicks even to make small amounts of money.
• You cannot format the ads according to your wishes completely.
• Google can penalize you and stop your AdSense revenue as and when it deems it fit.
• You cannot control the money that you are paid per click.
• You cannot fully control what sort of ads and links appear on your website or blog.


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  • the best part about google ad-sense it is free.
  • ad-sense required very little time investment.
  • ad sense is also extremely can provide lots of help available online like easy setup and easy interface.
  • google provides for the ads on their own and put it up on their site.
  • ad sense does not require for the user to have to sell.
  • one ad sense account can help multiple websites.
  • it does not require any major technical knowledge and easy for everyone to use.


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12 reasons why google ad-sense is best to make money to online program

  • google ad-sense is the best platforms to serve high paying CPC, CPM etc.
  • google ad sense offer quick and easy setup with very few and simple steps.
  • it does not require any technical know-how knowledge.
  • using the google ad sense money making blogging becomes very easy.
  • google ad sense is the number one ranked ad network and loading the market.
  • google ad sense is the highly recognized ad network as it provides the good amount of money.
  • google ad sense is highly rated universal is good to have global traffic for your blog post.
  • google ad sense allows every publisher to serve any eye-catching ad formats to use interactive and influencing advertisements.
  • there is no issue to regarding the payment or any google ad sense pricing.
  •  google ad sense you get the single account for all sites.

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Making Money Via AdSense And Blogging

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