Online Display Advertising

What is online display advertising?

Online display advertising is the use of the Internet as an advertising medium where promotional messages appear on other websites and/or search engine results pages.



Benefits   of  online display advertising

  • Effective display advertising can produce immediate results.
  • You can target your advertising campaign to the right audiences by placing your ad on relevant websites and by choosing the right keywords
  • Even if users do not click on your ads, the advertisements can create and increase brand awareness.
  • Online advertisements are usually easily tracked and monitored. You can adjust your campaign accordingly, based on the results.
  • ODA does not replace traditional methods of advertising.
  • advertising avoid expensive long-term contracts.
  • ODA capturing the market through re-marketing, targeting.
  • You want your target market to look like a big fish market and gain trust to your brand.
  • display ads give you the control to creatively personalize your online advertisement so that you can efficiently zero in your market by geographic location.
  • if you know your target demographics you would understand their interests.
  • banner ads get the ads featured on relevant sites.
  • online display advertising is not at all expensive so enjoy lower marketing cost.



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Formats for online display advertising 

  •  Banner Ads. A graphic image that announces the name and identity of a website, along with a brief description. Banner Ads may also include audio/video content. banner adds contains a graphic image and some text. Banners are the most common format used for display advertising.
  • Visit the website for examples of banner ads located at the bottom and right-hand side of the page. Also, note that these ads relate to the content of the website.
  • Pop-up Ads. An advertisement that loads between two content pages. These types of ads can create resentment in users and lead to low click-through-rates.
  • Text Ads. Sometimes text ads may be more appropriate than the other ad formats. An example of text ads is a commercial message sent to mobile device users.   You can also find text ads on Search Engine Results Pages.


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Why display advertising?

  • The online ad market has grown from using static JPG image banners to GIF banners and now Flash banners, which have smooth animation, exciting effects, engaging graphics and interactivity
  • Content and smooth animation can be shown all together in today’s animated display ads.
  • They take less space on the web page. You can put more text content and graphics and try different looks on the same web page.
  • Display ads also load quickly onto a web page, unlike video ads.
  • Viewers become impatient when the web page loads slowly and usually leave the page.
  • Display ads make a page load quickly, so users can see the page content and ads
  • Major portals like Yahoo!, MAN and AOL are using display ads for their own services and their clients, proving that display ads still have high popularity.

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Advantages of display advertising

  • you can use eye-catching imagery or rich media to get your audience’s attention.
  •  you can build brand awareness and promote your products and services.   Display ads have a high reach and can be seen by large numbers of people.
  •  there are certain targeting options that aren’t available through search marketing. These include topic and interest targeting and remarketing.

Disadvantages of display advertising

  • display ads typically have a lower CTR than search ads.
  •  a lower CTR also means lower conversions, such as sales and registrations.
  • Display ads are more suitable for long sales processes than for selling high volumes
  • Ad avoidance while your impressions may be high, you can’t guarantee that users paid attention to your ad.
  •  Ad blocking tools can also stop users seeing your ads.

Importance of online display advertising

When advertising your business, there are three important factors to consider. visual appeal to grab attention, location to maximize exposure, and relevancy to improve response. This is why display advertising has become a popular practice in digital marketing today. With its visual and targeting capabilities, display ads offer many benefits to a business, from visibility to brand awareness. This post goes over the basics of what display ads are and how they can benefit your business.

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  • Display Ads are Visually Appealing
  • Display Ads Support Brand Awareness
  • Effectively Target with Display Ads
  • Increase Your Visibility with Display Ads
  • Display Ads Provide Data
  • Display Ads Support Retargeting

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Online Display Advertising

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